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Illegal Alien Arrested for Brutally Murdering Four U.S. Citizens (0)

An immigrant who entered the United States illegally has been arrested on suspicion of brutally murdering at least four U.S. citizens.  Police in Nevada say Ernesto Martinez Guzman,...

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Big Pharma Patents Cannabis Cancer Treatment (0)

Big Pharma has patented the exclusive rights to a cancer cure using cannabis, preventing others from using THC and CBD to treat the disease.  British company, GW Pharmaceuticals, had...

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Merkel and Macron Announce European Union Coup As Anti-Globalist Protests Spread Worldwide (0)

Globalist leaders Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel have announced plans to take full control of the European Union by creating the world’s first ‘global army.’ On...

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Queen Elizabeth to Block Attempts by ‘Traitorous’ Politicians to Stop Brexit (0)

Queen Elizabeth is set to block any attempt by ‘traitorous’ British politicians who intend to subvert democracy and stop Brexit. According to government sources, the Queen...

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Native American Nathan Phillips Lied About Being a Vietnam Veteran, WaPo Admits (0)

The Native American man who falsely claimed “harassment” by a group of Catholic teens also lied about being a “Vietnam veteran”, the Washington Post has been...

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Government's failure to understand surge in demand for children's services will see more exposed to neglect and abuse, report finds (0)

Life chances of hundreds of thousands of children in danger as cuts to services mean more youngsters going into care – but ministers failing to get to grips with issue, warns NAO